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Summer Snapshots

And just like that summer is gone. I always welcome Fall as a time for a fresh start and this year I am even more ready for the transition to cooler temps than normal. While I can't wait to share my travels and stories of my past few months, and I have lots of blog posts ideas swimming in my head, I figured I would wrap up summer with a few photos.  With weddings, lots of beach days and moving (both jobs and apartments!), I had no time to lug my camera around, so here are some snapshots of the last few months...



{Penelope and Me - look at that belly!}

{summer cocktails + words of wisdom}

{celebrating one of many beautiful weddings}


{wedding + sunset in jackson hole, WY}

{breakfast on the beach, Avon, NJ}

{sunset in Lewes, DE}


Happy First Day of October!  Just seeing these photos makes me miss summer just a tad, but the crisp breeze and candles burning on the table, remind me that my favorite season is upon us!



Emmy Awards Awards

Post by Christine

Here I am to hand out my own personal awards to whoever suits my fancy from The 65th Annual Emmy Awards (Phlemmy Awards?). I'll try to be nice, but I make no promises.

Yikes! Award

Maybe I should've started with something nice but I had to get this out of the way. Just why? I always want Lena to come out in something fabulous but... she just never does. What makes me the most sad is that I think someone else could've pulled this off. Her posture, the ill fitting top, her flat bowl cut— none of it is good.

Best Hag Award

If you know anything about Aubrey Plaza then you know I use the term "hag" in the most loving way possible. Girlfriend looked awesome. This would be a dress that I would choose for sure. Aubrey, please be my best friend!

Worst Boob Award

I really wish they had just shortened the straps on this and then I would've considered her one of the best dressed. I mean, her boobs. Look, I ain't got no problems with smaller chested girls (in fact, I wish I were one of them) but this is just not a flattering look.

Would Go Gay For You Award

This is what I would consider the most prestigious Phlemmy Award. I don't award this one easily but let's all be honest, just look at her. I don't even think I was a big Rose Byrne fan before this award show (I just never got it) but now I do. Also, that Bobby Cannavale— damn, what a hot couple!

Actually Getting It Right Award

Considering all the weird wins all night (see below) I never saw this win coming. Honestly, I was gonna scream if Homeland won because honestly I just really did not enjoy the second season that much.

Getting It So Wrong Award

No offense to Jeff Daniels but even he knew he shouldn't have won. Are we sure Bryan Cranston's name isn't etched into that statue and they just called the wrong name?

Biggest Snubs Ever Award

Not only was this gem of a show NOT NOMINATED but it should have won. It's quality and I believe the best comedy on television right now. It makes me sad thinking that it might never get it's chance at a win.

Any other awards you think I missed?


The Worst Day of the Week

by Rachel
This pretty much sums up my feelings about Tuesdays.
To me, it's by far the worst day of the week.


Mondays are typically painful, but you have the promise and excitement of a new week ahead to get you through. Not to mention the hustle and bustle and crazy amounts of work to kick things off.


Wednesdays are hump day! And who doesn't love that? Only 2 more days til the weekend!


Thursdays are great. You can stay up late and drink more than any other weeknight because you only have to get through one more day until the weekend.


And Friday...well...we all know that Fridays rule the world.


Tuesdays on the other hand? Not so much. There's literally nothing going on. It's too early in the week to have any fun after work because you still have to wake up early and go to work for 3 more days. It's not quite the same hustle and excitement of Monday. Tuesday, in a word, kinda stinks.


What's your least favorite day of the week?