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It's Steamy in Here

Post by Rachel

For Christmas, Santa brought me (and my sisters) a hand steamer

I had never used one before and honestly couldn't understand the big deal. I had an iron and an ironing board. What more does a girl need?

Oh how wrong I was. 

Separately, do you know what I hate? Dragging out the iron and ironing board. It's really a problem.

It's heavy and unwieldy and undoubtedly knocks over everything else in my closet as I try to wriggle it out of our washer/dryer closet. Not to mention the fact that I need a space big enough to set it up. Oh and it has to be near an outlet, obviously. And then there's the waiting for it to heat up. And then pressing with all your might to flatten and get the wrinkles out and inevitably I do a poor job and my clothing still has wrinkles in it.

I know this is a lot of complaining about a little old iron/ironing board, but seriously, in apartment living, the whole ironing situation is just not so much. It's a little too much of a production for me. 


But the hand steamer?

It's legit my new obsession. I plug it in every morning and it rests right on my dresser. It heats up and I run it over my outfit for the day. In under a minute, my clothes are wrinkle free and ready to go.

The only thing I could see using the iron for in the future? Creasing trouser pants or pressing dress shirt lapels. Aside from that, give me The Little Steamer, or give me nothing.

Do you use a hand steamer for your clothing?

Do you iron your clothes in general?

Shaun and I are both freaks about having wrinkle-free clothing!

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