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Starting Fresh

Post by Kimberly

I know I did a "goals" post back in January but with April comes the official start to spring for me.  Although the first day of Spring was back in March, there is something so fleeting about April - being the full transition from cold and biting to warm and humid - that makes me want to start fresh.


Even though each month I set a few goals for myself, it always helps to write them down to be held accountable and to reflect back on at the month's end. So here we go...

1. Budget Better - Since I am still getting into the whole working world swing of things, this is a work in progress. I am slowly figuring out how much I have a month/week/day to myself and how to allocate that money effectively.  Being in the city it is very easy to overspend on things that add up quickly like taxis, bar tabs and take out.  I promise to be better in April by bringing my lunch to work more and taking the subway more instead of a taxi. 


2. See my girlfriends more often - I find every year flies by and before you know it months go by and I havent caught up with my favorite people.  I spend a lot of time playing soccer (and since have made a wonderful circle of friends that I see almost 4 nights a week) but that sometimes leaves little room for some good ole girl time.  Minus birthdays and major events, its really hard to plan to get together with them but I vow to make a more concerted effort to see my friends both old and new. :)


3. Be Healthier - MENTALLY! I need to be healthier and not just in a physical way. I need to be a little healthier both physically and mentally.  Since the New Year I have felt like I have been running around non-stop.  While I am very used to this feeling because I love a jam packed schedule, I find it is affecting my mental health. Between running back and forth from my apt to Nick's house, going home to NJ, weekend getaways, trying to fit in a workout, playing soccer 4 times a week, seeing friends, sleeping, watching Bravo, getting my professional goals in order, oh and relaxing from time to time - I am pooped.  I vow to slow down, get organized and really take the time this month to regain my footing, lose myself in a good book, make some big decisions and lead a healthier mental lifestyle.


4. Be Healthier - PHYSICALLY!  I would like to lose weight and part of my goals is to lose 5-8 lbs in a healthy way over the next 30 days.  I plan to do this by following a healthy exercise schedule and keeping a closer control on my Weight Watchers plan.  Obviously this is almost every girl's goal for the upcoming summer, but I don't just mean losing weight. On top of shedding a few pounds, I have some minor and somewhat major aches and pains going on - I have always had Planter Fascitis in my heels and it comes and goes throughout the years without me fully treating it.  This on top of a nagging pain behind my left knee has made me realize on top of exercise I need to focus on stretching and flexibility. So my goal is to do more yoga and stretch, stretch, stretch!

5. Clean Up! Spring cleaning is called just that for a reason!  I love in a Manhattan apartment.  If anyone knows anything about Manhattan real estate, they know we are talking a few hundred square feet and a 1 x 1 closet.  With the change of the seasons comes the time to toss out the junk.  I can't wait to scour through my sweater collection to find out whats not gonna see Winter 2013 and make some room for pastels and florals!


So there you have it!  It might be a bit wordy, but I am a lawyer after all.  I am pretty pleased with these goals and I hope to be well on my way to achieving these in the upcoming weeks. 

 What are your spring goals?  Do you have any tips for me in reaching my goals? 


Project Procrastination + April Goals

Post by Rachel

I go through waves of productivity. Some weeks I feel like my life is all together, the sun is shining, the birds are chirping and I might as well be Superwoman.

Other times, however, I find myself buried under a to do list that's a mile long with no signs of a light at the end of the tunnel.

It's not easy to overcome this wave of procrastination and so when Kimberly suggested that we do a week of April goals, I was all on-board. I thought it would be the perfect kick in the ass to get myself in gear toward getting things done in my life. So naturally I started with a list.

Here are my top 4 project goals for April:

1. Clean out the den. Declutter and pare down the junk.

2. Organize my desk drawers.

3. Make a decision on an armoire for the bedroom so we can finally have decent clothing storage.

4. Install a shelf for my cookbooks so they are easily accessible. And pretty. Obviously.

It's actually a lofty list but if I break it down by one project per week then maybe I'll manage to accomplish it all. And before I know it, my whole apartment will look as clean and shiny as other projects I've tackled, like going cray with Ball jars...

Getting our shoes in order...


and not getting lost under my bathroom sink...


Of course, my home project list goes on and on...  And that's just on top of my other life lists like my 30 by 30, my blogging goals and projects and other projects that life might have in store over the coming months!

So that's my plan for April.

What's on your project list for April? How do yu get motivated to get 'er done?

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Peach and the Pit of the Week

How are you guys feeling about your week? 



Cleat kick to the hand let to immediate golf ball lump in said hand. After spending a few hours last night in the ER, happily found out it's not broken. Just very very brusied. So I'm a very sleepy girl who was not given any pain killers. Boo


Getting sworn in on Monday! Official a lawyer sworn into the first department of the state of New York! Weeee- nothing cuter than a lawyer in a sling :)



I have been feeling all sorts of out of whack this week. I think I just need some time to go home and some time to see my family. Being homesick makes me feel just so awful. Home in one week!


I'm going to an awesome concert in Philadelphia this weekend. Shpongle is a music project that is beyond beyond awesome. It's hard to explain but I saw them at Bonnaroo last year and they literally blew my mind so I can't wait to experience it again!