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Rainy Daze

Post by Christine

I actually love rainy days. It's the perfect excuse to cuddle up on the couch with some tea and listen to Bright Eyes (even though every day is a Bright Eyes kinda day). Actually, how about you play this song as you read this post to set the mood.

Now that we've got the mood set, here are some of my favorite rainy day things.

If you know me then you know I have quite a fondness for mugs. This started when I got jealous of my friend Julia's mug collection and decided I needed to collect as well (basically how all of my obsessions start- hello Candy Crush!) This is the starbucks mug that started it all- which happened when Julia bought it and I immediately grabbed one too- and it has become my favorite mug.


I get my tea from all over the place but my favorite of all time is the Earl Grey Creme from Teavana. It basically tastes like Earl Grey with frosting mixed in. 'nuff said. 


I'm currently working on a puzzle, which is my favorite rainy day activity. This one is a bit difficult and I haven't given it the attention is deserves but today is the perfect day to work on it.  It's just so calming and the perfect time to sit down and listen to some music or a podcast. Me time, it's the best.

The final touch is the perfect blanket to cuddle up in. Now, I have plenty of blankets that I love but my dream is own a Pendleton Blanket. So I don't exactly own this but I dream I'm wrapped up in it every night.


Just thinking about these things is making me sad since I'm stuck in work. Luckily I have a half day at work today so I'll have plenty of time to laze around the house with Penelope (we're babysitting while Rachel is working in South Jersey).

Let us know what your favorite rainy day things are!


Are You a Beach-Goer?

During the summer, Shaun, Penelope and I are hardly ever at home on the weekends. We are constantly bouncing around from parents to in-laws and from barbecues to the beach. We spend this past weekend at my parents' house, soaking up the sun and enjoying some time by the pool. On our drive down on Saturday morning, Shaun and I started debating the merits of beach vs. pool. And just before that, Christine and I had a conversation about liking the beach or not. (And for the record, both of them were on opposite sides of the spectrum, with Shaun loving the beach, and Christine not really liking it at all).


While Shaun noted that he loves the beach for relaxing, swimming in the water and soaking up some rays, I decided that I could kind of take the beach or leave it. While I usually enjoy the beach once I'm there, I really despise the getting to and from. In New Jersey, the beaches are legen - wait for it - dary...however, there's always traffic, parking can be a bitch, and then there's the whole schlepping half your life (especially now with a baby in tow!) just to set foot on the (very hot) sand. And don't even get me started on the sweating that takes place. 


While just thinking about all that makes me want a serious pool day (hello napping on a float!), at the end of the day, I can imagine living in a place without easy beach access. I do adore a good walk on the beach with the seabreeze in my face, skee ball on the boardwalk, being coated in salt and sweat with a fresh dusting of sunburn and there is nothing quite like shore food...giant slices of thin-crust pizza, giant cones of frozen custard, never-ending restaurants and huts selling crab cakes, oysters, shrimp and chowder... 


Ok, perhaps I am a beach-goer, after all.
And now I'll be daydreaming on this gloomy, muggy, rainy day in NYC.
Just 5 days til the weekend, after all!


So what do you think?
Are you a beach-goer?
Or does the whole sand, salt and heat thing just not appeal to you?

New York City Summer of 1969

By Kimberly

We apologize for the radio silence lately.  I know my schedule has been jam packed with lots of exciting changes that I will be sure to fill you in on soon! 

Meanwhile, New York is recovering from a serious weeklong heat wave.  The temperatures have dropped a bit this week but anyone who has survived a New York summer understands it is seriously brutal when the temps hit 100 in the concrete jungle!

For now I will leave you with these awesome photos of New York City in the summer of 1969...

Happy Tuesday!